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Remove Text from Image Online & Free

Text remover makes it easy to remove text from image online

Upload or drop a file
Remove text without removing background online

Pro Text Remover

Pro Text Remover enables users to remove words from picture with a more accurate brush and export the perfect photo with a highly clear look.

  • Original

    Original picture
  • Free output

    SD clean-up picture
  • Pro output

    HD clean-up picture

AI-Powered Text Remover from Image

Picture with unwanted text
Picture without text

For a beginner who is short for the photo editing experience, it’s challenging and time-consuming to remove text from image pixel by pixel to ensure the final photo is clear and natural. How to remove writing from a picture easily and quickly? Well, we developed an image text remover that is empowered with AI technology to help people remove text from image without removing background online for free. You just need to upload a photo, select the writings and then click the Erase button. In a word, this quick and handy text remover from image reduces manual effort and time.

How to Remove Text from Picture Online?

  • 1. Import a Photo with Text

    Select a photo that is marked with unwanted letters and then upload it to the online photo editor to remove text from image.

  • 2. Paint over the Text

    Use the rectangle tool to select the text area with ease and click the Erase button to edit words out of the picture.

  • 3. Export the Cleanup Pictures

    After checking there are no letters remaining, navigate to the Download button and click it to save the clean photo.

Features of This Image Text Remover

  • Remove Text from Picture Online

    No time is spent on installing. This is a straightforward picture eraser online that works well on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You could use it to remove text from image anywhere and anytime: Just open a browser, visit our text remover website, and make use of it.

  • Remove Text from Image for Free

    Looking for a free way to remove text from image without removing background? You should come to visit our picture remover for deleting captions, and you will find it simple yet professional. The best for you is that it is 100% free to use.

  • Select Text Area Without Effort

    This text remover from images equips with a useful selection tool. Use the rectangle box, and move the mouse over the text with one drag to select those words. And then the letter remover starts detecting the area. You don’t need to smear around it carefully.

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