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Remove Person from Photo

Get rid of travelers on the photo quickly with AI technology

Upload or drop a file
Remove people from photos

ProObject Remover

Pro Object Remover is a professional photo editing tool to remove unwanted objects from photo. There are optional brushes that allow you to further erase the object leftovers with precision. Additionally, HD output is 100% ensured.

  • Original

    Original picture
  • Free output

    SD clean-up picture
  • Pro output

    HD clean-up picture

It Is Easy to Remove People from Photos Now

Photo with unwanted person
Remove person from photo

Are there people you want to forget in the photo? Or do you want to get rid of the photobombers who are accidentally captured in the shot? However, removing people from photos can be a daunting task if you use sophisticated editing tools like Photoshop. In reality, there is the easiest and most effective way to remove someone from picture. That is using a target object remover like PixEraser. Here, you can delete the stranger instantly with just one simple paint. Directly import a photo and select the person you want to remove. Later, the AI tool will act intelligently: removing the selected area and recovering it with surrounding pixels.

How to Edit People out of Photos?

  • 1. Upload Your Photo

    Choose one photo that needs editing and upload it to the online object remover.

  • 2. Select the Stranger

    Pick up the rectangle tool to select the accidentally captured people in the photo and click the Erase button.

  • 3. Download the Final Photo

    The tool will erase people from photos successfully in seconds, and you only need to hit the Download button to save the photo.

3 Awesome Features to Make You Feel Good

  • Online Removal Saves Time

    The online remover offers a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional editing tools. First, you don’t need to install software to start cropping photos. You now can directly run the object remover through any browser. Then upload a photo and use the ready tool to help remove person from photo.

  • Free Service Saves Money

    Free service is a vital point when customers decide whether to use the program or not because saving money has become a top priority for many people today. Congratulate! We deliver a totally web-based free app to remove person from photo for customers. You are encouraged to get rid of the ex-friend in the photo without paying.

  • User-Friendly UI Saves Energy

    Our well-designed UI enables users to complete their tasks more efficiently, without having to spend a lot of time searching for the information they need. You can go along with the intuitive interface to get the hang of this tool and delete people from photo quickly.

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