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AI-Powered Watermark Remover

Handy tool to remove unwanted objects from image and video in seconds. No editing skills are required.

AI-powered watermark remover
  • 18,000+ Users

    around the world

  • 5X Faster

    processing speed

  • No Blur

    removal effects

  • HD

    output quality

  • 100% Safe

    reliable program

All-in-One Watermark Remover Without Blur

Photo Watermark Removal

Video Watermark Removal

TikTok Logo Eraser

Photo watermark removal

PixEraser watermark remover software is powered by the latest AI algorithm, which can quickly analyze and identify undesired content. And it works fast to remove unwanted object and fill in the missing pixels intelligently. As a result, you can gain a watermark-free picture without blur. No technical skill is required.

Video watermark removal

Besides image watermark removal, you can also erase video watermarks with minimum effort. Highlight the logos, text, or graphics that you’d like to erase. Then this watermark removal software will get rid of them in seconds.

TikTok logo eraser

The TikTok logo is disturbing if you want to upload a TikTok video to Instagram or Facebook. Yet, with this all-in-one watermark remover, you can get the task done easily and effectively. This powerful tool is able to erase TikTok logo and username and send you the original video without any blur via the URL. And you can even remove TikTok watermark in batches.

Why PixEraser Makes a Difference?

  • AI-powered service

    AI-Powered Service

    This program fills the removal area with surrounding pixels so that the picture looks natural.

  • Add watermark

    Add Watermark

    You can add text or stylish logo to the image or video so as to boost brand awareness.

  • Keep original quality

    Keep Original Quality

    The original image/video quality is ensured when using this robust watermark removal tool.

  • Support various formats

    Support Various Formats

    You can edit images in PNG, JPG, JPEG, WebP, etc., or video in MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc.

How to Remove Watermark in Seconds

Step 1. Add a File

Import an image or video file that you need to edit.

Step 2. Highlight Items

Paint over the logo, object, text, or person that you want to get rid of, and confirm by hitting the Erase button.

Step 3. Save File

Download the watermark-free file in seconds.

Add a file
Highlight unwanted items
Dowload file without watermark
View detailed guide >

What Users Say About PixEraser?

4.8, 3.2K Ratings

As an online content creator, I need to ensure that my images are professional-looking and free of distractions. PixEraser has allowed me to remove watermarks from screenshots and other photos quickly and easily, which has helped me provide a better experience for my viewers.





PixEraser is a lifesaver for my business. We frequently receive TikTok videos with watermarks from clients, and PixEraser allows us to remove them quickly and easily without affecting the quality of the video. Highly recommended!




Professional Video Editor

I've been using PixEraser for a few months now, and it has made such a difference in the look and feel of my Instagram feed. Being able to remove watermarks from my photos has allowed me to maintain a consistent aesthetic and provide a more professional look for my followers.




Social Media Influencer

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