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Add Text to Photo

Transform your image to be more informative and outstanding by adding text to photos

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 Add text to photo

Why You Should Add Text to Photos?

  • Promotion and Branding

    If you are a creator, adding text to photos, like watermark, logo, cation, signature, can help you protect intellectual property. On the other hand, these textual elements serve as a means to promote your brand or identity. Another case. If you are working on advertising and marketing, you can add text to the poster to convey product information, promotions, etc.

  • Creation and Personalization

    Artists and designers may incorporate text into their work as a means of creative expression. In artistic works, text over image serves as an integral part of the visual composition, allowing you to draw attention to specific elements in the photo with text. Additionally, you can add artistic fonts to an ordinary photo to make the photo more story-telling and personalized.

  • Communication and Expression

    The text on photo plays an effective role in expression. Text within an image can add depth to a story and add a unique charm to a photo. Apart from this, photos adorned with text serve as a powerful means of communication. For example, adding meme text. People frequently embellish their pictures with engaging text to make funny memes and use them on the Internet.

Free Toolkit to Edit Text on Picture

Add text to photo

Tell Your Idear: Add Text to Photos Easily

If you find that your thoughts can't be conveyed clearly through photos, then express yourself with words. You can add text, lebels, watermarks, or catchy captions - basically, anything you fancy. Our meme text adder makes adding text to photos incredibly easy. Just click on Add Text, and you can mark anything you want to say on the image.

Select a font

Pick Matched Font from the Collection

Once you've added the text to image, you can further enhance it by selecting a suitable font to complement your text style and content. Explore our extensive font library, which keeps in sync with that of your device, and pick the ideal font for your needs. Whether you're aiming for a classic, modern, or charming look, you'll find just the right font in the library.

Adjust the text

Level up Your Text with Customization

After you've finalized your text, it's time to fine-tune it for seamless integration with your image. The image text editor provides a range of tools to meet your needs. You can easily change the color and position of the text. Furthermore, you can adjust the font size based on the text layout. If you prefer the text to be less prominent, you can simply increase its transparency.

Add image mark to photo

Add Private Logo to Enhance Your Brand

Besides add text to picture, some individuals prefer to create a custom logo to brand their work. So, how can you use our tool to add a logo watermark? It's quite straightforward. When you open this tool, you'll find that we also offer a feature "Add Image." With this tool, you can upload your own logo design and apply it to your work.

How to Add Stylish Text to Image?

  • Upload a photo

    1. Upload a photo

    Simply click the "Upload" button and select the image you want to enhance with stylish text.

  • Enter words into text box

    2. Add Text to Image

    Once your image is uploaded, click on ”Add Text" to open the image text editor, where you can input your message.

  • Adjust the text

    3. Customize the Text

    Then, you can adjust the fonts, colors, size and position of the text. Experiment until you get the perfect text design.

  • Save the photo

    4. Save the Final Photo

    When you're satisfied with the result, click "Export" to download your final photo with stylish text.

More Than a Caption Adder

In fact, this tool is not confined to be a caption adder. It also specializes in removing watermarks from images. If you have photos that you've saved from the internet with watermarks, you can easily remove them using the Pro watermark remover tool.

Remove watermark from photo

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